What The Fat

President / Co-Founder:
The Applied Science Performance Institute


Dog Dad:
Scoot The Keto Pup

My Mission

To change lives through science and innovation by finding ways to optimize human performance and longevity in an effort to make the world a better place each and every day. Here at, our goal is to allow you to build confidence, increase positivity, and achieve human optimization by providing research articles, videos, podcasts, and information on how to live a better life.

My Values

My 5 Core Values are centered around what I feel can radically shift someone’s life from just ordinary to extraordinary.  Surround yourself with positivity, be empathetic with others, stay authentic to your true self, be fully present in every interaction, and develop a sickening work ethic.

Work Ethic0%

Our passion project

We were asked to write the “authoritative resource for the ketogenic diet” several years ago.  After much debate, Dr. Jacob Wilson and I embarked on creating “The Ketogenic Bible” to help sift through the noise and provide as much information as we could possibly squeeze into a book.  This book has allowed us to reach people all over the world along with funding research projects and education throughout the way.


Each week I’ll be bringing you interviews with the top thought leaders in science, health, and fitness to deliver you the tools you need to thrive and optimize your life. I’ll also dive deep into topics surrounding entrepreneurship, mindset, and positivity so you can break through old habits and truly find happiness wherever you are. Are you ready?


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